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Orange Anchor Art School is a place where every human being, no matter their age or skill level, can learn to unlock their creative potential.


At Orange Anchor, all are welcome.


I believe that everyone has a story to tell and something they need to say. The visual arts and creative writing allow human beings the opportunity to express who they are, where they came from, and what they aspire to bring to our world.

I value culturally responsive teaching practices and make sure that there are clear presentations and representations of both art and artists for BIPOC students. I encourage contagious enthusiasm, the celebration of mistakes as opportunities for growth, kindness, self-care, and knowledge of self. I challenge students to push themselves to their fullest potential and live for moments when a student’s face lights up with pride, joy, and self-satisfaction because they get it or they’ve mastered a new skill.


Heather Rigney - Artist, Author, Teacher

Orange Anchor Art School was established in 2022 by Heather Rigney--author, artist, and teacher.


In the late 1990s, Heather graduated from RISD with her MAT in art education. She then taught middle school art in the Warwick Public School system for the next 13 years and was Nationally Board Certified in 2006.


Needing a change and wanting to spend more time with her amazing child, Heather took six years off from teaching and pursued a career in fiction writing. In 2014, Heather published the first of three books in her Amazon bestselling series, The Merrow Trilogy. Heather then began touring the East Coast with fellow Rhode Island authors, speaking at various comic cons, all while meeting and greeting old and new fans!


It was time to return to the classroom and Heather found a home at The Lincoln School, Providence where she taught K-7 art for four years. Time passed, and Heather decided to open a place of her own. And so, the Orange Anchor Art school was born!


Heather's not afraid to be fully transparent with the youth she serves every day. She chooses to lead by example, and show her students that she can be vulnerable and ridiculous, fabulous, energetic, loving, and humorous! Come be a part of the excitement and unlock your own or someone you love's creative potential! 

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